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Don't Miss Out - Enjoy the Final Season of the Crown!

Don't Miss Out - Enjoy the Final Season of the Crown!

Have you ever wondered how the stunning intricate set designs in your favourite period dramas come to life? It takes a dedicated team of professionals working behind the scenes to bring these historical worlds to the screen. Today, we are proud to share that our company has been a part of the supply team for the critically acclaimed Netflix series "The Crown." Let's take a closer look at the role we played in bringing this captivating show to life.

Creating Realistic Set Designs

In addition to costumes, the set designs play a crucial role in creating the world of "The Crown." Our team worked hard to bring the grandeur and the opulence of The Ritz hotel Paris to life.

Using historical references and meticulous attention to detail, to recreated the iconic rooms and locations featured in the series. From the ornate furniture to the intricate wallpaper patterns, every element was carefully chosen to transport viewers to the world of the British monarchy.

Ensuring Historical Accuracy

Accuracy is paramount when it comes to historical dramas, and "The Crown" is no exception. Our team worked with the show's researchers and historians to ensure that every detail was historically accurate.

From the smallest prop to the grandest set piece, each meticulously researched. Our dedication to historical accuracy helped create an immersive experience for both the cast and the audience.

Collaborating with a Talented Team

Being part of the supply team for "The Crown" was not only a professional achievement but also a privilege. We had the opportunity to collaborate with a talented team of costume designers, set decorators, and production designers who shared our passion.

It was a true labour of love, and we are incredibly proud of the final result. What a remarkable experience. We are honoured to have been a part of such a prestigious production and look forward to continuing our work in the world of TV dramas.


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